Ole Vik

Web development, website management, service integration, premium support, and consultancy.


Presentation Plugin

A simple way of creating fullscreen slideshows that can be navigated two-dimensionally, by facilitating efficient handling of content.

Timeline Plugin

Create and manage timelines in an ordered, hierarchical manner. Can be nested and minutely customized.

Project Space Theme

Visualize projects in an organized manner, as notes on a board. Projects can be categorized, color-coded, tagged, and displayed in a variety of ways with filtering and sorting.

Researcher Website

A skeleton-site for a personal academic website, written in Jekyll for hosting with GitHub Pages, with a fully responsive design. Made during my time working at the Norwegian School of Economics, for the professor I worked for.


Scholar Theme

An academic-focused theme, for publishing papers, articles, books, documentation, resumés or other content.

Grav CMS

An open-source, flat-file, PHP-powered Content Management System which I started to develop with in August of 2015. I regularly contribute to its community and code.


I made Fremmed.no in my role as developer, web editor, and lead web designer for the small non-profit organization Fremmed. It is a web magazine running with a responsive design and optimized delivery of assets across devices.

Applications Analysis

Quantitative analysis, data manipulation, plotting of job application data.


365 Vue

A prototype site-concept I built as a single-page app, styled as a portfolio/showcase, using Vue.


Paul Hibbits, Hibbitts Design

Ole’s skills as a Grav CMS developer and experience as a university lecturer both contributed to the outstanding Presentation Plugin and its accompanying Presentation Deckset Plugin. It was a pleasure to work with Ole, and I look forward to hopefully more opportunities to work with him in the future!



Written and maintain several extensions for Grav.


Code to a high level, including abstractions and object-oriented, using the new features of PHP 8.


Native ECMAScript, with polyfills as needed, rarely broad libraries like jQuery.


Modules are used in many of my projects.

VueJS, Webpack



Version control of all projects.


Academic analysis and data manipulation.

CSS3, Sass

HTML5, Bootstrap




Main Operating System.

Caddy Server

Visual Studio Code

Main Integrated Development Environment, Editor, and Debugger.