matter as I do. If you will come down to Baskerville Hall and see me through I'll never forget it.

The promise of adventure had always a fascination for me, and I was complimented by the words of Holmes and by the eagerness with which the baronet hailed me as a companion.

I will come, with pleasure, said I. I do not know how I could employ my time better.

And you will report very carefully to me, said Holmes. When a crisis comes, as it will do, I will direct how you shall act. I suppose that by Saturday all might be ready?

Would that suit Dr. Watson?


Then on Saturday, unless you hear to the contrary, we shall meet at the 10:30 train from Paddington.

We had risen to depart when Baskerville gave a cry, of triumph, and diving into one of the corners of the room he drew a brown boot from under a cabinet.

My missing boot! he cried.

May all our difficulties vanish as easily! said Sherlock Holmes.

But it is a very singular thing, Dr. Mortimer remarked. I searched this room carefully before lunch.

And so did I, said Baskerville. Every inch of it.

There was certainly no boot in it then.

In that case the waiter must have placed it there while we were lunching.