from me. You say that your fare told you that he was a detective?

Yes, he did.

When did he say this?

When he left me.

Did he say anything more?

He mentioned his name.

Holmes cast a swift glance of triumph at me. Oh, he mentioned his name, did he? That was imprudent. What was the name that he mentioned?

His name, said the cabman, was Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Never have I seen my friend more completely taken aback than by the cabman's reply. For an instant he sat in silent amazement. Then he burst into a hearty laugh.

A touch, Watson -- an undeniable touch! said he. I feel a foil as quick and supple as my own. He got home upon me very prettily that time. So his name was Sherlock Holmes, was it?

Yes, sir, that was the gentleman's name.

Excellent! Tell me where you picked him up and all that occurred.

He hailed me at half-past nine in Trafalgar Square. He said that he was a detective, and he offered me two guineas if I would do exactly what he wanted all day and ask no questions. I was glad enough to agree. First we drove down to the Northumberland Hotel and waited there until two gentlemen came out and took