That is true.

Did Barrymore profit at all by Sir Charles's will? asked Holmes.

He and his wife had five hundred pounds each.

Ha! Did they know that they would receive this?

Yes; Sir Charles was very fond of talking about the provisions of his will.

That is very interesting.

I hope, said Dr. Mortimer, that you do not look with suspicious eyes upon everyone who received a legacy from Sir Charles, for I also had a thousand pounds left to me.

Indeed! And anyone else?

There were many insignificant sums to individuals, and a large number of public charities. The residue all went to Sir Henry.

And how much was the residue?

Seven hundred and forty thousand pounds.

Holmes raised his eyebrows in surprise. I had no idea that so gigantic a sum was involved, said he.

Sir Charles had the reputation of being rich, but we did not know how very rich he was until we came to examine his securities. The total value of the estate was close on to a million.

Dear me! It is a stake for which a man might well play a desperate game. And one more question, Dr. Mortimer. Supposing that anything happened to our young friend here --