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A Grav Development Workflow

There are many ways of devising a workflow for development, and they are usually judged on their efficacy in resolving bottlenecks. Naturally, this process is sensitive to what is being developed, and...


The Symlink-approach to Grav Multisite

A few days ago I was asked what the best way to manage 30-something or so Grav sites would be, using either a “symlink approach” or a “subtree/submodule approach”, would be. Here’s a quick run-through...

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Optimizing a Grav-Installation

When the term “Web 2.0” became popular after 2004, the focus was largely on design, usability, and new media. In the past few years, however, web development has focused a lot on more on speed and per...

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Automating accessibility testing

Accessibility on the web has always been an afterthought, with a great number of websites having no compliance with any standards and adhering to no laws. But in this day and age that shouldn’t have t...

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Programmatic page-traversal in a Grav-plugin

For version 2 of my DirectoryListing-plugin I wanted to move away from the folder-traversal I had previously utilized. This post details how to programmatically iterate through Grav’s pages recursiv...

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